西安哪有卖西甲硅油 公司概況


Shandong International Tendering Co., LTD., established in May 1999, is a service enterprise specializing in the whole process of international and domestic tendering and purchasing.
The registered capital of the company is RMB 8 million with the following qualifications:
1. Grade A Qualification of Project Bidding Agency issued by the Ministry of Construction;
2. Grade A Qualification of Government Procurement Agency issued by the Ministry of Finance;
3. The Preliminary Qualification of the Bidding Agency for the Projects invested by the Central Government issued by the National Development and Reform Commission;
4. Filing on China International Bidding Website;
5. Certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System.
The completed projects include the engineering design, civil construction, road construction, building renovation and maintenance, decoration, steel structure engineering, intelligent building, air conditioning, elevator, fire engineering, sports venues, building materials, power cables, agricultural PVC pipes, industry equipment, geophysical exploration equipment, medical equipment, testing equipment, computer information system integration, computer engineering, electronic supervision, software development, system maintenance, GPS systems, office equipment, office supplies, geographic information acquisition, urban and rural cadastral investigation and many other fields. It has accumulated the valuable experience for the promotion of our company's business. By the end of 2017, the winning bid amount of the completed projects has over 200 billion RMB.
Currently, we are the only one in Shandong having the performance of the bidding and purchasing for the projects of International Financial Organization, the World Bank and the loan projects of Asian Development Bank in recent five years.
The perfect suppliers’ information database and the evaluating experts’ database provide a strong guarantee for our high quality service. There are 11 categories over 2,000 companies stored in our suppliers’ database which is updated and supplemented any time. Currently, there are 26 categories over 1000 experts stored in the evaluating experts’ database which is managed by the appointed person in the company and implemented dynamic management.
Our company certified the ISO9001 quality management system in November, 2006 which made the management and service reach a new level.
The company has set up 22 branches in Shandong and subsidiaries in Gansu, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Qinghai and other places.